Friday, April 16, 2010


Scientific investigations involving laboratory testing and collecting information from other sources.

A few suggested Projects.

�� Study of the presence of oxalate ions in guava fruit at different stages of ripening.

�� Study of quantity of casein present in different samples of milk.

�� Preparation of soybean milk and its comparison with the natural milk with respect to curd

formation, effect of temperature, etc.

�� Study of the effect of potassium bisulphate as food preservative under various conditions

(temperature, concentration, time etc.)

�� Study of digestion of starch by salivary amylase and effect of pH and temperature on it.

�� Comparative study of the rate of fermentation of following materials: wheat flour, gram

flour, potato juice, carrot juice etc.

�� Extraction of essential oils present in Saunf (aniseed), Ajwain (carum), Illaichi (cardamom).

�� Study of common food adulterants in fat, oil, butter, sugar, turmeric powder, chilli powder

and pepper.

Note: Any investigatory project,


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